Lambagras Cultura


A hike up to Garðakotsskál


View to the west to Skagafjörður

Up in Garðakotsskál

View towards Hólar, Mount Elliði and Hólabyrða

Iceland is a wonderland for geologists, they can read the evolution of the land in the landscape and Tröllaskagi is a great example of that. One of the things you can see is valleys carved by glaciers during and after the Ice Age and the mountains are formed by landslides and the movement of the ice. The name Gvendarskál basically means the bowl of Gvendur or Guðmundur but it's not the only "bowl" in Hjaltadalur. Garðakotsskál is another one and on a nice day - even if a little windy -  two of us hiked up there. The view was amazing; Hólar on one side and Skagafjörður on the other.